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Victoria is having issues with her husband. While he is overseas doing business, she found out he is watching cuckold porn and charging it to her card. This wouldn’t be an issue except he has kept the whole thing secret, and the charges are massive. To even the score Victoria has decided to fulfill her husband’s fantasy and make him and actual cuckold with a guy she has been flirting with for over a year! Poor guy should have used his own money if he wanted to keep things a fantasy.

Sunday October 2
Oblivious To Lust

Violet has been trying to hook up with Will for about a month. Will on the other hand doesn't notice any of her advances. Once night while they are on the couch Violet makes her move. Will finally understands what's going on and proceeds to have some of the most sensual and wild sex of both of their lives.
Oblivious To Lust

Monday October 3
The Deepest Massage starring Amanda Ryder

Tags: MILF, cougar, mature, bbc, interracial, squirt, redhead, big tits, big ass, blowjob, doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl Human touch is a magical thing. I can be used to do so much healing and bring pleasure in so many ways. Amanda was seeking that pleasure when invited a masseuse into her room. At first things were pretty innocent, but after seeing the masseuse's cock she decided to change the tone of the meeting. After a brief conversation and a little convincing she was getting her holes stuffed for the deepest massage.
The Deepest Massage starring Amanda Ryder

Tuesday October 4
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Making Rent: Payment Delays

Will is once again late on rent. Reyna has had enough of it and really wants Will to pay her. Reyna is also very horny and notices Will has a pretty big cock. Eventually thanks to some smooth talking and a little bit of lust they both go what they wanted.
Making Rent: Payment Delays

Friday October 7

Aubree works for a special maid service at a swanky hotel. Mostly she just dust around rooms in a cute outfit and push around a cart. On this particular day she meets one of the clients who wants something a little extra.

Saturday October 8
Sunday October 9
Kourtney Cucks Her Hubby

Kourtney Chase is a horny hot wife and she wants big black cock. She invites Will Tile over while she is cooking, and the hottest thing in the kitchen! They have hot sex in the kitchen, and Will cums in her tight snatch, then they move to the couch for round 2. While they are fucking on the couch, Kourtney's husband comes home from work and catches them in the act! Kourtney makes her hubby watch her take WIll's 10 inch cock and she makes hubby watch her get satisfied!
Kourtney Cucks Her Hubby

Monday October 10
Make It Nasty Feat Peaches

Being nasty is kind of a lifestyle. Some people can do it at all times and others just in small moments. Will was fortunate enough to find a lady who was down to be nasty at any hour when he asked. From cock sucking, to ass eating she was down for wheatever. So, enjoy this look into the nasty world of Peaches Presley.
Make It Nasty Feat Peaches

Tuesday October 11
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Thursday October 13
Shower Dreams

Summer is lonely on this particular night. She tried to take a relaxing shower to help her get her minds off it, but all it does is conjure up more thoughts of when she last had a lover. It was in that very same shower and she couldn't help but touch herself while dreaming about what had happened that long time ago.
Shower Dreams

Friday October 14
The Corruption

Nikki is happy to meet one of her boyfriend’s old friends from the time before she met him. There are a few issues though. One is that he never told them that they used to date. Two that he never shared how they used to get up to some very freaky things. Three that she usually fucks other people in his life. Outraged she leaves the table and tries to regroup only to find out why he was so enamored with is ex in the first place.
The Corruption

Saturday October 15
Sunday October 16
Big Things Wrapped In Blue

I had a brief afternoon encounter with Ryan Conner a little while back. Mostly we were filming for her snapchat. That idea when out the window right when we kissed. As always we got into each other and just let things flow from there.
Big Things Wrapped In Blue

Monday October 17
Making Rent Tough Times feat. Joslyn James

Joslyn invited a new roommate into her home after divorcing her husband a year ago. At first things were cool, but then some issues made it so that they both were out of work. It wasn't an issue until a few months in. Then her new roommate stopped paying rent on time. She tried to make easy on him, but now she is fed up. He is going to pay her one way or another.
Making Rent Tough Times feat. Joslyn James

Tuesday October 18
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Thursday October 20
Stoner Girlfriend Issues

Will is trying to have some quality with his girlfriend. The only issue is she has habits that make it hard to interact with her sometimes. After three month of being ignored Will finally just tells her what is his problem. They take it out and she gives him the loving her deserves.
Stoner Girlfriend Issues

Friday October 21
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Sunday October 23
Cucking Behind The Scenes Starring Madeline Marlowe

While we were waiting to do another shoot Madeline Marlowe and I decided to have a little fun for the fans. We know that there are plenty of cucks who love seeing her enjoy a big fat cock. A woman as amazing as her deserves nothing but the best. This is a behind the scenes look at how a queen like Matriesse Madeline Marlowe gets satisfied when she is not working. You should be grateful this video even exist.
Cucking Behind The Scenes Starring Madeline Marlowe

Monday October 24
The Harvest

Solo and Will are closing up for the day at their production studio. When moving some equipment they notice a mysterious woman behind them. At first they try to help her, but things take a sinister turn when she approaches them speaking incoherently except for one word, harvest. To make matters worse another unknown woman appears causing the two studs to make a run for it in hopes to get out of the strange situation. The women give chase seeing to manifest from thin air every time the two men think they lost them. Eventually the men are cornered leading them to ask what the women want so badly. In a surprise turn the women say they only want one thing: cum. Let the cum harvest begin!
The Harvest

Fuck Your Couch

Tricia has a very annoying roommate. He is insanely protective of his stuff and constantly reminds her of it. It makes it hard for her to just sit and chill around the house. Things come to a head when she wants to blow off some steam and play with her hot wet pussy on his couch. While flicking the bean the roommate catches her which leaves her in a position of frustration and shame. In an attempt to finally cum she invites her roommate to fuck her until he shoots a hot load. Will he take her up on the offer?
Fuck Your Couch

Made To Cheat Again

Alexa and Summer are the best of friends. Well kind of if you want to look deeper into it. Alexa has a habit of fucking all of Summer’s boyfriends. That is where Will comes in. During a innocent evening on the couch watching the T.V. Alexa decides she wants to have a go at Will. At first, he tries to resist, but eventually gives into the cute redhead. What happens next you can pretty much guess. Hope you enjoy.
Made To Cheat Again

Tuesday October 25
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Thursday October 27
The Proper Attention

Just another lazy Sunday with my girlfriend. Sid has been horny lately, but since she is so shy she has a hard time telling me. Mostly she just begs for attention until I stare at her for a while and we make out. Today was just like that. Of course we fucked each other brains out and I left a nice hefty creampie for her.
The Proper Attention

Friday October 28
The Glasses

Luna is on hard times. She had to move from her hometown to get away from debt collectors as well as start over in a new city with no money. She got lucky by finding some online work and moving in with a seemingly nice gentleman. Only issue is he doesn’t seem to be all he is cracked up to be. Between the heavy breathing and constant observation Luna can’t be sure of his intentions. It all comes down to whether his intentions are for her betterment or something more sinister. Only time will tell what is lurking behind those glasses and the thoughts they magnify.
The Glasses

Saturday October 29
Sunday October 30
Lust In Color Starring Richelle Ryan

I was invited by Richelle Ryan for a little fun. She asked right before we started if it could go up on Snapchat. I told her definitely and put on one hell of a show! First, we started off with a little foreplay. I got to rub her big juicy tits and that nice round ass. Then we moved on to her taking off her outfit and sliding my cock in between those amazing cheeks. Next, she put those plump lips and tongue to work working over my big black cock. Finally, we just fucked like two people who needed a orgasm just to get through the day. It was a lot of fun.
Lust In Color Starring Richelle Ryan

Monday October 31
Bad Roommate - Weirdo

Raven is having some issues with her roommate. He is a creepy dude who seems to just lurk around the house and doesn’t say much except judging her life choices on occasion. The latest issue is her being late on rent by a few days. While she has the money she is annoyed that he keeps bugging her about it which makes her not want to pay him more. Matters get worse when he catches her going out to a concert instead of paying him the rent money. How does she get him out off of her back? By letting him fuck her of course! Another fun solution to a petty conflict.
Bad Roommate - Weirdo

Nanny Deals

We all have that one fantasy that we don't think can ever happen. Sometimes its getting with the prom queen. Other times it's hooking up with the hot girl at the gym. This time it's finally bedding the babysitter. Will just so happened to make that fantasy a reality by meeting the beautiful Kiara Edwards at just the right time. Fantasies can come true sometimes.
Nanny Deals

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