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Real Swingers Missy Harper

I met up with Missy Harper ( @MissyHarperX on Twitter) through a swinger site a while back. She is so in love with big cock and her hubby loves knowing she is getting fucked by other men. We decided to spend the day at the pool and flirted the entire time we were there. When we got back to the hotel room we couldn’t wait to get our clothes off and fuck like wild people.
Real Swingers Missy Harper

Thursday June 13
Friday June 14
Kourtney Cucks Her Hubby

Kourtney Chase is a horny hot wife and she wants big black cock. She invites Will Tile over while she is cooking, and the hottest thing in the kitchen! They have hot sex in the kitchen, and Will cums in her tight snatch, then they move to the couch for round 2. While they are fucking on the couch, Kourtney's husband comes home from work and catches them in the act! Kourtney makes her hubby watch her take WIll's 10 inch cock and she makes hubby watch her get satisfied!
Kourtney Cucks Her Hubby

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Hooking Up Ashley LaShae

Tags: big ass, big tits, blonde, blowjob, doggystyle, amateur, swinger I met up with Ashely through Twitter when she started out doing porn. I was limited on time and really wanted to hang out with her and see if she was as cool as people told me she was. Turns out she was even freakier in person. She sucked my cock like it was the meaning of her life and fucked like slut who lived for dick. This was another damn good time!
Hooking Up Ashley LaShae

Tuesday June 18
Wednesday June 19
Making Rent: Far Far Behind

Landlady Kiki Dare confronts Will Tile for failure to make his rent payments. She demands payment or he must fuck her to start his payment plan! Kiki creams all over Will's 10 inch cock as she rides him! Will cums on her big ass for payment number one.
Making Rent: Far Far Behind

Thursday June 20
Friday June 21
Big Things Wrapped In Blue

I had a brief afternoon encounter with Ryan Conner a little while back. Mostly we were filming for her snapchat. That idea when out the window right when we kissed. As always we got into each other and just let things flow from there.
Big Things Wrapped In Blue

Bad Teacher: Mean Streak

Will is struggling at school and his strict teacher, Kiki Dare, wants to help him help her! She demands that he service her to get the grade he needs! She hungrily devours his big dick, and squeals as he splits her tight pussy with his BBC. He dumps his big load deep inside her.
Bad Teacher: Mean Streak

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Lust In Color Starring Richelle Ryan

Coming 06/28/2019

I was invited by Richelle Ryan for a little fun. She asked right before we started if it could go up on Snapchat. I told her definitely and put on one hell of a show! First, we started off with a little foreplay. I got to rub her big juicy tits and that nice round ass. Then we moved on to her taking off her outfit and sliding my cock in between those amazing cheeks. Next, she put those plump lips and tongue to work working over my big black cock. Finally, we just fucked like two people who needed a orgasm just to get through the day. It was a lot of fun.
Lust In Color Starring Richelle Ryan

Saturday June 29
Sunday June 30
Breaking Vows

Coming 06/30/2019

Sofie is mad at her husband. He hurt his neck and now is worthless around the house and in bed. Sofie is at the end of her rope and needs some sex, NOW! She demands that her invalid husband call his sexy friend Will to come over. Spike confronts Will when he comes over and Sofie invites him inside over Spike's objections. Will is flattered but is unsure why he is in the middle of a marital argument. Sofie is so sexually frustrated and fed up with her husband that she starts to suck on Will's cock right in front of Spike! He protests but he cannot stop the infidelity. Sofie rides Will's huge dick and gets her much needed satisfaction. Will busts his nut deep inside her wet quivering pussy! Not for better or worse.
Breaking Vows

Oblivious To Lust

Coming 06/30/2019

Violet has been trying to hook up with Will for about a month. Will on the other hand doesn't notice any of her advances. Once night while they are on the couch Violet makes her move. Will finally understands what's going on and proceeds to have some of the most sensual and wild sex of both of their lives.
Oblivious To Lust

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