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November 2021
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The Interview

Marilyn has been trying to jump start her journalist career for the past six months. Her issue is she keeps getting sat down with people who tank all her interviews to the point that her bosses have started to say something. When she meets Lil Willie she takes a chance that he may be able to help her out. In exchange she has to let him explore her tight wet warm holes and fuck her until he is happy. Guess there is more than one way to get ahead.
The Interview

Saturday November 6
Don't Mind Him - Olive Glass

Olive has been trying to make plans with her boyfriend for at least a month now. Her boyfriend being the neglectful dude that he is keeps putting her off to go do nerd things with his friends. Olive is so tired of being put on the back burner and frustrated that she can’t help but lash out. She decides a make-over and a good screw is just what the doctor ordered. Olive finds a random guy with a huge cock to help her with her throbbing pussy who also just so happens to love her new haircut. The only issue is her annoying boyfriend shows up and tries to ruin the fun. At first Olive feels a little guilty, but after two seconds of deliberation she decides, she is going to do what she wants to do and screw the consequences. Her pathetic boyfriend can only watch as she gets her world rocked by the big dicked stud she found on the street and cums for him over and over again in this hot cuckold scene.
Don't Mind Him - Olive Glass

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Saturday The 14th

Will is on the run. He is facing down a pursuer who seems to never gets tired, frustrated or stay far from his heels. He goes into a warehouse in hope that he can lose them. When this doesn’t work, he gives it his best shot to negotiate with the person. When he finds out it's an attractive woman he is mildly surprised especially since she seems to be interested in one thing. That thing being his cock in her wet holes. After a little bit of coaxing Will goes along with it and gets to have all the fun that comes with fucking a thing he used to fear.
Saturday The 14th

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Hump Day Passion

Penny is a special kind of slut. She just loves the smell, taste and feel of men. She tries to meet a new man to have relations with at least once a week. That is where I came in. I introduced her to my friend Cody so she could meet that once-a-week quota. Let’s just say she was deeply satisfied with how it ended.
Hump Day Passion

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Don't Mind Him - Emmy Demure

Will is staying with his friends, Emmy and Eric, as he is going through a messy divorce. During an encounter as they watched TV Will shows that he is very depressed, and his friends are very concerned. Emmy comes up with the best idea to cheer him up. Fuck him! With one good fucking Will could turn his frown upside down. Especially if he puts his huge cock into a stacked red head like Emmy who has the biggest tits and ass he has ever met. What does Eric think about it? Well, he is along for the ride and is happy to see his friend and wife have a good time like a good cuck should. The best part is that they all leave satisfied with a hot creampie finish!
Don't Mind Him - Emmy Demure

Don't Mind Him - Audrey Madison

Audrey is tired of her pathetic broke husband always giving him excuses. A hot blonde like her with big tits and amazing bedroom skills only deserves the best. To teach him a lesson she decides to fuck the cable guy right in front of her weak husband. To add insult to injury the cable guy has a huge cock and gives her the fucking her hubby never could ending with a hot load right on her pretty face!
Don't Mind Him - Audrey Madison

Saturday November 27
Don't Mind Him - Kay Carter

Kay is so tired of her husband skipping on his chores. Luckily, "Bro" Hygienic shows up to the rescue and makes her homes clean and sparkling. As an added bonus he fuckers her tight wet pussy really good too. Only issue is her hubby shows up halfway through the fun. Guess he just has to watch as his hot big booty wife gets her world rocked by a man who is so much more than he is. At least he won’t have to do chores for a while.
Don't Mind Him - Kay Carter

Cheaters - Sugar

Will has been on the rocks with his wife. He doesn’t really do much with her in the bedroom and she seems to never be in the mood. To complicate things his neighbor, Electra, is now in his house and making moves on him. Will he be faithful or will he give in? Only one way to find out.
Cheaters - Sugar

Sunday November 28
Monday November 29
My Horny Girlfriend

Jackie is annoyed that her boyfriend never listens to her. He constantly wants to watch TV or hang out with his friends while never giving her any time. He even doesn’t fuck her anymore! During one of his distraction sessions she decides enough is enough and goes off to pleasure herself. She boots up the VR headset and puts on her favorite porn to tune out all of Will’s annoying bullshit. About halfway through her playing with her cute wet pussy Will shows up to see is Jackie working her pussy and is really taken aback. At first, he is a little mad that she would just do things without him, but after seeing her huge tits and beautiful snatch he decides to join in on the action and give her a hot creampie.
My Horny Girlfriend

Tuesday November 30
Bad Employee - Right The First Time

Coming 11/30/2021

Jenna is a horrible maid. She barely does her job, doesn’t care about her bosses and generally is a waste of time and money. Her only perks are her chipper attitude, big ass and cute face. When her bosses, Will and Bella, come home they take note of how much her work is on the decline and take action to do something about it. Bella decides to give her a lesson in hard work by making her worship her hot body while tied up and on her pretty little knees. Jenna is made to lick Bella’s armpits, ass and even her hot tight pussy. Eventually Will walks in with his huge cock and joins in on the fuck of working Jenna over until she learns that it might be a good idea to do the job right the first time.
Bad Employee - Right The First Time

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