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Bad Employee Ball Draining

Honey Milk hates her job. She really hates her job. The customers are annoying. Her co-workers are boring. Also, her boss is a stuck up idiot. One day that same boss calls her into the office to tell her how bad of a job she has been doing. She mostly wasn’t listening, but then realized that she is horny, and he is semi-attractive. She made a guess to see if he would be down to fuck. After a little bit of stumbling he gave in and gave her some good dick. Even came in her mouth just like she wanted. All in a day’s work.
Bad Employee Ball Draining

Saturday October 5
Pipe Fixing Starring Mylie Moore

Mylie was having some issues with her tub and really needed her pipes fixed. The only issue is she didn't have any money. In a effort to get her plumping fixed she called for some after hours assistance. When she saw Will she figured she could go for a different kind of payment.
Pipe Fixing Starring Mylie Moore

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The Rub Down starring Zoe Oliver

Zoe has been having a little bit of stress in her life. Work has been hammering her and she really can't seem to relax. She was told to go get a massage by a friend a place in the local strip mall. After meeting the masseuse, she quickly knew this wouldn’t be a normal massage. She left feeling a lot better and with a very happy pussy.
The Rub Down starring Zoe Oliver

Saturday October 12
First Date Feel starring Zoe Oliver

Zoe and Will had just got done with their first date. They felt that going back to her place since fucking was definitely in the future. After a cute make out session they go right down to business licking, sucking and fucking each other until they were both exhausted.
First Date Feel starring Zoe Oliver

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Making The Sale Starring Kacie Castle

Kacie Castle really needs to make a sale on a new apartment or she is gonna have to move back in with her parents. Her last hope is to get these two college football players who are looking for a spot away from the dorms. At first they weren't into it, but after she put the moves on them with her beautiful lips and petite sexy body they ended up taking her up on her offer.
Making The Sale Starring Kacie Castle

Bound To Pose

Tags: pawg, big tits, male bondage, bondage, big dick, bbc, handjob Description: Megan is trying to get some great shot of men being vulnerable for a new series she is doing. She ask Will to help her out since he likes to model and kind of fits the bill for the kind of guy she wants. After a few shots, she decided to "push the boundary" a little. Let's just say this is more than Will was bargaining for but he is happy like that it happened.
Bound To Pose

Captive To Laughter Again

Will is a very conflicted man. After his last encounter with Stephie Staar he has had urges. Urges he can't explain and can't seem to make go away. Maybe it was the bondage. Maybe it was the tickling. Maybe it was the way she milked his cock and laughed at him while she did it. Either way he wanted it again. By the time he admitted to all of this he was at her doorstep. A place he never thought he would be again. Stephie opened the door and after a brief chat they were back in her 'sexmasium'. Will couldn't believe he was letting this happen again. Even worse (or better) he wanted it this time. Stephie made sure to give him all that he could handle.
Captive To Laughter Again

Captive To Laughter: Religious Cookies

Maya is not fond of solicitors. Not one bit at all. She definitely hates the religious types. That's why when Will decided to come knocking with his message of spreading joy through his religion she was definitely not having it. At first she tried to be polite. Then she came to the conclusion that he wasn't going to take no for answer. She decided to invite him in and show him just how much joy she already had in her heart and find all the sensitive spots on his body she could find in order have him share in that joy.
Captive To Laughter: Religious Cookies

Caught: Milked

WillTileXXX Caught Milked
Caught: Milked

Making Rent: Auditions

Zoe and her creepy photographer friend are trying to help him make some extra cash doing porn. Everything is going well when they are filming a solo until Zoe's landlord shows up. At first he is pretty pissed and about to kick Zoe out of her place until she gives him an offer. Not only will he get to fuck her, but he can also be in his first ever porno! What man wouldn't jump at the opportunity?
Making Rent: Auditions

Saturday October 19
Bad Employee: Maid To Raise

Ryan is my not so great maid. She does a decent job, but mostly just plays around on her phone and leaves my house in disarray when she is done with her shift. Lately she has been bugging me about a raise. She has been dropping subtle hints at it, but I mostly ignore them. This time she out right asked for it. I told her if could happen if she let me fuck her juicy ass. Well she said yes and I'll tell you it was definitely worth giving her a raise.
Bad Employee: Maid To Raise

Closet Love Starring Anya Gold

WillTileXXX Closet Love starring Anya Gold
Closet Love Starring Anya Gold

Making Compromises Starring Violet October

Violet October is a woman with a very high sex drive. Her boyfriend on the other hand does not. One of the nights when she wants to feel all over him and work his cock in dust she notices he is being his usual tired self. After a brief nap and a little bit of goading she finally get him in the mood and milks he huge dick for a nice creamy reward. That was just round one though.
Making Compromises Starring Violet October

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Celebrity Love Starring Celebrity Cumms

Coming 10/26/2019

Nothing like some summer loving. Especially when it just drops in your lap. Thats is basically what happened when I met up with Celebrity Cumms. She hit me up do have some fun and make a sexy scene for all of you to enjoy. You can thank her for it later after you seen it.
Celebrity Love Starring Celebrity Cumms

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