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Chocolate and Cream for Holly Hotwife

Some women are just insatiable when it comes to sex. They just need it as much as possible and can't really function right without it. Holly is one of those women. The statuesque blonde has a beautiful face, amazing physique and the sexual drive that could put most of the NFL to shame. She proved that when she took on four black studs in this scene. Watch as she sucks and fucks her way through four big black cocks and gets their cream all over her. She never once gives up and even ask for more! You want to see how this all goes down.
Chocolate and Cream for Holly Hotwife

Reunited With Mandy Monroe

It took us a little while, but we were finally reunited! I had such a great time with Mandy. We started off kissing and enjoying each other's warmth. There is something so genuine about the way we get down. You can see it in every stroke and way that she moans. If you are into hot swinger sex this is the scene for you.
Reunited With Mandy Monroe

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Getting The Grade From Alexxxis Allure

Getting The Grade From Alexxxis Allure

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Cheating In The Kitchen With Kourtney Chase

I had been meeting up with Kourtney for a while behind her husband’s back. She just loved the idea of me coming over at random times and just giving her a nice hot load and leaving right before her hubby got home. It was kind of our things for the past few months. It has gotten so constant that she wears little outfits around the house just in case I come over. Today was no different. She was cooking some stew in a cute little outfit when I came in and decided it was time for some fun. Her husband was on his way home from work, so we had to be quick. She was all about it and let me basically do what I want. Even let me put a nice hot load inside of her just to let it leak out when her hubby stopped by. Definitely going to keep doing this.
Cheating In The Kitchen With Kourtney Chase

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Cucking Emmy's Hubby

Coming 03/29/2019

Emmy is a very beautiful woman. With her blonde hair, naturally curvy body and kissable lips she is basically an angel living amongst mortals. One guy just so happened to notice this and through charm and money managed to marry her. At first Emmy was happy. She had everything she wanted. A big house, a nice car and plenty of money. The only issue is that she wasn’t getting fucked enough! You see when you are a lady as hot as her you expect to have the best sex all the time. Why wouldn’t you? That’s why Emmy decided it was time to just cheat. There was no use in staying is a sexless marriage even with all the benefits. She need a big cock to work her over and satisfy her needs everyday! Even better if the stud who owned said huge man meat was black! Eventually she found just what she needed. She found the biggest, blackest, hardest cock she could find nearby and decided to fuck it as often as possible! Its right before one of these fuck sessions that her hubby stumbled home. She was making out on the couch with her lover when he walked in to see them just about to have another hot meat jamming party and he froze. At first there was anger. Then there was sadness. Eventually that gave way to contempt on Emmy’s part. She realized she truly didn’t care anymore. All she wanted was to get a good fucking and the thought over her hubby watching turned her on even more. She told him to sit down, shut up and enjoy the show. Definitely some hot action complete with verbal abuse and unrestrained cheating action!
Cucking Emmy's Hubby

My Hook Up With Holly Hotwife

Coming 03/29/2019

During AVN I was approached about shooting with an amazing tall blonde who has the biggest pair of boobs I had seen in a long time. Naturally I was really excited to meet her and possibly have another amazing shoot to cap off an already great week. Well when I met Holly we were a little pressed for time so we had to do things quicker than I would have liked. We both just got naked, made out and fucked like nobody was watching. She was so tight and wet I almost came inside her a few times. She also tasted amazing. I could tell we had great chemistry and you can see it all through this scene. I really looking forward to our next time hooking up.
My Hook Up With Holly Hotwife

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